European Network

2nd European meeting in Sardinia

The second meeting of the European Sustainable Travel Network took place on the 3rd of October in Sardinia on the occasion of the IT.A.Ca Sustainable Tourism Festival. The programme included also meetings with the Sardinian hospitality community.

The second European conference focused on “Travelling by train in Europe” with the mayor of Lanusei, the Italian sustainable tourism association AITR, a local trade unionist, European travel agencies and MEP Ignazio Corrao, member of the TRAN committee (see programme). We based ourselves on our own experience of reaching Sardinia by train from France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Austria.

Together with the European Sustainable Travel Network, we are applying for a European Erasmus+ project to strengthen our capacity to offer train trips in Europe. Our aim is to produce together a European vade mecum for train travel and recommendations for the European Parliament.

Our work topics include the transformation of the rail journey into a cultural activity, the transition from a destination-based logic to itinerancy from stopover to stopover, and economic transparency on where the travel money goes.

We share our knowledge and know-how concerning access to holidays for all, soft mobility travel, the promotion of cultural and social rights, short circuits and economic transparency.

Our operational objective is to build and commercialise train trips. We have already started this experiment to build a catalogue of train trips in France with the catalogue “à portée de rails”.