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European network for social and sustainable travel

European network: list of the travel agencies and plateforms for sustainable and social travel in Europe.

Forum anders reisen e.V., (Germany) founded in 1998, is an association of tour operators committed to sustainable tourism. The name stands for travel experiences that are oriented towards people and the environment.  We use local resources conscientiously, and we meet foreign cultures with respect. Together we take responsibility for economic and social development here and in the countries we travel to.

Sardaigne en Liberté (Italy) is the first operator in Sardinia that offers trips that are respectful towards nature and local culture, to discover Sardinia in a different way.

Proactivetour (Portugal) is a young company, based in Loulé, specialising in responsible tourism, in the areas of ecotourism and creative tourism.

The Spanish Centre for Responsible Tourism (Spain) brings together sustainable tourism initiatives from around the world to share experiences and train new businesses in areas and countries with developing tourism.

Les Oiseaux de Passage (France) is a cooperative and online travel booking platform which, through the creation of travel guides, puts hospitality back at the heart of travel and facilitates exchange between its users.

IT.A.CÀ (Italy) Festival of Responsible Tourism is a unique event of this kind in Italy and Europe. It represents a good practice in which tourists and the local community give life to socially innovative practices that contribute to develop the territory in a sustainable way.

Ekitour (France) is a travel agency specialising in group travel. It organises solidarity and responsible travel and has always worked in social tourism to make holidays accessible to the greatest number of people.

Babel Voyage (France) is a travel agency committed to the promotion of sustainable and responsible tourism worldwide.

Hôtel du Nord (France) is a cooperative of Marseille and Vitrolles inhabitants that promotes hospitality and the natural and cultural heritage of northern Marseille for the benefit of those who live, work and stay there.

The mission of the Association of Ethnic Sustainable Tourism AETHNIC (Spain) is to create and promote initiatives based on the criteria of responsible and sustainable tourism.

Chemins Solidaires (France) is a travel agency and company in the Social and Solidarity Economy that offers trips mixing emotions, immersion, understanding and responsibility in 5 countries around the world.

Bastina (France) is a professional network of actors practicing fair development tourism, in France and abroad. So that the journey begins in France, by immersing oneself in the rich cultural diversity it offers, and abroad by exchanging with the inhabitants around oral traditions and skills.

Positive Puglia (Italy) is a local and independent tourism agency that offers to travel positively in the South of Italy, reducing the negative impacts of travel and improving the positive impacts for everyone: for everyone: local and global community, fellow travellers and yourself.

KM Zero Tours (Italy) is a small travel agency based in Tuscany, which makes you discover this beautiful region through a thematic immersion, to make you discover all the rich cultural and natural heritage of the region, while preserving it.

L’Arbre à Voyages (France) is an agency for sustainable, responsible and fair tourism, offering trips to destinations they know well, and which have meaning for both hosts and tourists. (Italy) is an alternative home-sharing platform that donates 50% of its income to local community projects to develop a more equitable and sustainable model of tourism.

The Conscious Tourism Group (Austria) is a cooperative fostering mindfulness and ethics in Tourism. We are a community of businesses and people who support and accompany the emerging paradigm shift in tourism towards more sustainability with open minds, open hearts and open will.

JB travel (Austria) is a travel agency and a tour operator with an expertise in sustainable travel and consulting based in Vienna, Austria. Our motto: travel to learn. Learn to travel.

Since 1994 ReNatour (Germany), a pioneer business in sustainable tourism, develops travel concepts and nature-based programs for adults and children in Europe. Typical and authentic accomodation, healthy, regional, organic cuisine for the guests as well as supporting local infrastructure and fair payment are highly important.

For Family Reisen (Germany) is the leading tour operator in Germany for adventurous family travel worldwide. For Family Reisen focuses on authentic, unique and sustainable travel experiences in groups and child-friendly individual trips.

WomenFair Travel (Germany) offers more than 150 creative and active tours for women in small groups. These tours are run all over the world, some of them quite unique. Our mission is to facilitate true encounters with women, travel in remote natural landscapes, the inclusion of small and mostly environmentally aware women’s businesses as well as a fair payment and cooperation with everyone involved.

Verantwortungsvoll (Austria) Reisen is an Austrian website, where you will find a lot of information about sustainable tourism. Read my blog, my online magazine and discover how people from all over the world see our planet.

Planet Hibbel (Germany) is a german Travelblog with focus on concious and slow familytravel. Blogger and Content Creator Nadine Lessenich writes since 2011 about long travel, short trips and little adventures with her family. Around the world and in front of her doorstep.

The Mediterranean Centre of Environment (Greece) is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1993 by a French-Greek team, to promote the development of human activities that focus on the environment and the culture of the Mediterranean and the Balkans. At its office in Alimos (Attiki, Greece) are working 4 permanents and all over Greece many seasonal workers..

BUND-Reisen (Germany) is a sustainable tour operator for hiking trips in small groups to the most beautiful natural treasures all over Europe. We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible by never using the plane for our journeys, offering volunteering-projects to protect and restore nature and preserve biodiversity, and more. Supporting the local infrastructure is highly important to us, as well as working with small, owner-operated accomodations and local guides.p.

Anderswo (Germany) is the only magazine in the German-speaking countries to combine a committal to sustainability with the topic of travelling in Europe. Anderswo aims to present an alternative to conventional tourism and is a compass that guides you reliably through the deluge of tourist offers to worthwhile destinations..

The Little Travel Society (Germany) is the first and biggest hand-picked online collection of special and child-friendly boutique hotels, family hotels, chalets, farms and holiday homes in German language. All our places meet specific standards in design, quality and sustainability and signify authentic and individual family-vacation in Europe and around the world.

France écotours (Germany) is a certified tour operator, expert in ecotourism in France for 15 years. Promoters of eco-friendly rentals in Europe via the platform, we offer very green holidays with great experiences far from clichés, for all audiences and all budgets.

Atambo Tours (Germany) is a tour operator for private dream vacations, adventure trips and weddings abroad. Sustainably certified.

Contrastravel (Germany) is specialized on sustainable tourism in Iceland and on the Faroe Islands. Contrastravel offers individual tailor made trips and guided tours in small groups as well as all kind of activity tours like hiking, horse riding and eco friendly whale whatching.

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