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European Meeting on Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean

After the first meeting on 21 April 2021 took place the international e-conference “Promoting sustainable and social travel across Europe” organised by the European Network For Sustainable Travel and supported by the Turismo de Portugal, the second European meeting will take place in Sardinia on Friday 1st October with the international conference “Promoting sustainable tourism in Southern Europe” in collaboration with IT.A.CÀ Ogliastra.

The conference invites you to reflect on the value of travel as a fundamental tool for social transformation and intercultural dialogue, and to analyse the challenges and opportunities that a type of sustainable tourism implies in a region like Sardinia from a social, environmental and economic point of view.

In this context, it is important to remember that tourism and culture are linked by a double thread: one cannot be spoken of without the other, and the Faro Convention aims precisely at putting communities and people back at the centre of the tourism sector, not the industry.

Tourism is not just about castles and museums, it is also about the way of life of a community and that is why it is important to remember the well-being of the host community. The conference will be conducted entirely in English.

European Meeting on Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean

Friday 1 October, Lanusei City Council.

  • Maurizio DAVOGLIO, President of the AITR association: sustainable tourism as an opportunity for Southern Europe
  • Jean-Luc MADINIER, Director of the sustainable tourism agency Sardinia on the Move: hospitality and sustainable tourism in Sardinia
  • Sara LORRAI, CISL, Head of the Ogliastrino trade union movement for tourism: the social impact of sustainable tourism in Sardinia
  • Dott.ssa AR ARESU, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech –  Università di Liegi, Belgio:

European proposals for sustainable tourism in Sardinia

  • Petra THOMAS, travel agency Forum Anders Reisen, Germany: mobility and sustainable tourism. The renaissance of train travel across Europe: a survey on sustainable travel to a tourist destination, the example of Sardinia.
  • Laura WERTSCH & Coralie LEYENBERGER, University of Eberswalde, Germany: potential reference groups in the German market/current travel options for Sardinia/recommendations for a potential tourism offer
  • Julia BALATKA, tourism agency Concious Tourism Group, Austria: travelling by train to Sardinia.
  • Prosper WANNER, cooperative travel platform Les Oiseaux de Passage, France: local community and sustainable tourism

Conclusions and next steps

  • European Parliament Committee on Tourism
  • Joao Ministro, Proactivetur Travel Agency, Portugal, European Network For Sustainable Travel and next steps.

18:00 Workshop on carbon offsetting with the local community

Culture, identity and tourism.

Friday 2 October, 16.00, Jerzu Museum.

  • Introduction Territory and identity. Carlo LAI, Mayor of Jerzu
  • Life punctuated by wine: the social role of wine production in Jerzu. Dott. Tonino SERRA, former mayor of Jerzu and former town councillor, author of Jerzu, story of a rural village (Cagliari, 1992); Ierzu, people, places and memory (Ierzu, people, places, memory) (Cagliari, 1999)
  • Transhumance in history in the Ogliastra-Nuoro province. Professor Sebastiano MANNIA, professor of cultural anthropology at the University of Palermo,
  • Hospitality of heritage communities: European practices and challenges. Doctoral student Prosper WANNER, founding member of the cooperative travel platform Les oiseaux de passage, member of the European network of the Faro Convention.